Kimochis for Families

November 17th at 7:00pm

Join Samantha Hodge, EdPsy, LEP (Teacher Sam) for an introduction to the Kimochis Social-Emotional Curriculum currently being used with our students in social skills sessions and special day classes (and in some TK and K classes!). Kimochis is a program that uses physical manipulatives to help kids identify and process the various moods and feelings that they encounter and sometimes struggle with. Learn about this tool Teacher Sam wishes all families were using daily in their homes. Find out the answers to the questions: Which Kimochi friend are you most like? Which Kimochi friend is your partner, your child most like? What feelings do you have in your body? How big are those feelings? What are the Five Keys to Communication? Learn about The Parenting Partner and Kimochis for Parents resources by Ellen Dodge, the creator of Kimochis. The Kimochis curriculum is designed for preschool through fifth grade, with key components adaptable to any age/grade.

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