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The feedback on our efforts has been wonderful! You can watch these short videos and continue reading below to find out what is being said about SEED supported programs...

Parent Education

"Our lives were changed by taking the Behavioral Class with Robin and Clarissa. They understand the unique challenges that special needs families face, which enables them to help parents reshape some really tough patterns of behavior.

My son, had many long and difficult tantrums throughout the day. The class provided us with many tools we could implement that immediately helped his ability to listen, understand and also follow-through without the typical melt downs we all experienced.

They taught me the importance of slowing down, staying calm and breaking down my requests into smaller chunks that my son could understand and successfully complete. Bottom line, by learning how to more successfully support his needs, he also became happier and our home life so much more enjoyable. As an added bonus, this class provided the framework that helped my son make some incredible development gains over the past year."

J. Crane, Lafayette Parent Participant

"Raising any child presents its share of challenges. But the SEED behavioral classes are especially helpful for parents who have children with special needs. Our little guy is on the autism spectrum. Understanding the way he sees the world hasn’t always been easy. But the instructors provide an array of tools that really work. We’ve noticed a remarkable difference in the way our son connects with us -- and the way we connect with him. It’s made our home a calmer, happier place."

Mark Katches, Lafayette Parent Participant

Staff Development

"Thanks to SEED, I was able to attend two intensive training sessions through the Linda Mood-Bell center in San Luis Obispo. There I received direct instruction for four days delivered by none other than Phyllis Lindamood, the daughter of the program's founder Because of this training, I am able to use cutting edge research based strategies to help my students with decoding, spelling, and reading comprehension. I can see it make an impact on my students every day and I remain deeply grateful to SEED for providing me with this opportunity."

Alissa Levenberg, Instructional Support Teacher, 
Lafayette School District

"This was an absolute treat! Thank you so much for bringing in Michelle. She is a wealth of information. Her presentation, her humor, her knowledge about students and people in general gave us lots to think about. Social skills are so important and have a huge impact on our classrooms."

Teacher feedback following SEED sponsored teacher training by Michelle Garcia-Winner on Social Thinking (October 2016)

"I feel this type of training should be a regular and consistent part of all staff development... Great examples for remediating areas of executive deficits...powerful, knowledgeable, useful strategies...must include all teachers in this training to shift their perceptions and responses to behavior/learning issues with students in their classrooms!"

Teacher feedback following SEED sponsored teacher workshop June 11 & 12, 2013

Recess Facilitation

"Helping kids that are younger than me makes me feel more involved."

"I'm actually doing something that is helping both the school and the kids."

Springhill Elementary School General Ed 5th grade helpers

"Lucas said, 'I love CREW! Mr. B is the best.' And separately 'I am on sports teams. I play sports with CREW.'

Actually for me, what it meant is that I am thrilled that my son is engaging in activities, including sports that he otherwise would never join during recess and is learning not only how to play a sport, but valuable life skills, like teamwork, conflict resolution, and positive thinking. CREW is an amazing addition to Burton Valley and really reflects the culture of inclusivity there."

Jamie Jefferson, Lafayette Parent Participant

SEED (Special Education Enrichment Development Foundation) is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization run by parent and community volunteers to benefit diverse learners in Lafayette, California.

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