President’s Letter – June 2020

Dear SEED families,

It’s been a rough and surreal Spring. No sooner had we celebrated together Mardi Gras-style, than Coronavirus was knocking on our door. Parents and kids have been navigating uncharted waters and wearing too many hats, often without the targeted, hands-on support we depend on. Virtual learning has been extra hard on our children who thrive on consistent routines and face-to-face interactions. The burnout is real.

Many of us are relieved to be closing this particular pandemic chapter but apprehensive about the next: an uncertain summer with limited options, as we hold our breath to see what’s in store this fall. While no virtual program can perfectly duplicate an in-person experience, we’re hoping our summertime line-up helps you move forward and find moments of connection during this socially distant time. 

  • Start the season on the right foot by joining us next week for an online chat with our favorite LAFSD behaviorist Jen Ripley. She’ll share tips and tricks for managing some of the challenges we’ll be facing this summer, followed by a Q&A. Click here for more information and to register for the Zoom presentation.
  • Are you struggling with concerns about your IEP in a remote service environment? Explore accommodations and modifications with the multi-talented Melissa Nolan, education psychologist and policy expert. Stay tuned for details on this summer video conference.
  • Our playdate series for the kiddos usually occurs during the school year but we would like to make a Covid-19 exception and provide an activity during the summer. We’re hoping this can be IRL rather than online. Look for specifics on our website as guidelines shift in the next month.
  • Check out our Coronavirus resource page for additional information to help ride out the storm.

We’d like to take a moment to thank two of our outgoing Board members who have reached the end of their terms: Bo Kim and Cathy Kauder. Their service over the years has been effective and tireless and they will be missed! We are grateful for all of our generous Board members who give their time and energy to support families with learning differences. SEED couldn’t exist without this volunteer spirit.

Not all heroes wear capes. At the moment, it’s more like sweatpants. You are a resourceful, resilient and tenacious community and this too shall pass. In the midst of the madness, don’t forget self-care. Tap into your support networks and look out for each other. We are honored and privileged to continue looking out for you. Help us target our services during these isolating times: Where do you need the most support? What would you like to see? Which resources are you using and how have they helped? We invite you to reach out with questions or suggestions by emailing us at

Here’s hoping we can all learn to appreciate the simple things in life. 

Wishing you health and creativity,

Shannon & Ember